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May 6th, 2014

The goal was not reached to make a feature film but production will move forward on a stand alone 10-15 minute short pilot of the feature film. Read the full info here:


Go here to help support Gooseberry, The Open Feature Animation Film.


The Blender Institute proudly presents: “the GOOSEBERRY project”.

Support us at:

Studios and artists involved:
Autour de Minuit, The Blender Institute, Character Mill, CG Cookie, David Revoy, Gecko Animation, Ideas Fijeas, Kampoong Monster, Studio Lumikuu, Mad Entertainment, Ovni VFX, Poked Studio, Pataz Studio, Pitchi Poy, Vivify.

Music by “The Bewitched Hands” ( )
courtesy of Savoir Faire (

Directed by Mathieu Auvray
Writen by Esther Wouda & Mathieu Auvray
Voice Actor: Tom Hudson
Sound Design: Near Deaf Experience

Licensed as Creative Commons No-Derivatives Attribution 3.0

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