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Ed BakerEd Baker

“Ed is a phenomenal artist. He totally exceeded my expectations on this project. Awesome quality of work and great communication! 5 stars all around.”

“Ed has mastered the every design job I’ve proposed him this far. “Excellent” is the only word to describe it.”

“Ed was a pleasure to work with. He didn’t just deliver quality 3d work, but he also offered options and solutions to problems I hadn’t yet considered. He isn’t just an artist, but a problems solver. A true professional. I hope to work with him again soon.”

“It was an amazing and pleasurable experience to work with Ed. So responsive, skilled and understanding.”

“High Quality Work. Very well done. 100% satisfied.”

You’re here because you are looking to image your product or find your design which will help you connect with your customers. The above testimonials (taken straight from my Elance profile) document my ability to help you realize your vision and help you capture sales.

Service Description:

As a designer, I have one goal: To make your product look the best it can.

Whether it is a Product Shot to visualize your product for e-commerce or print, Architectural Renders to showcase your property, or Graphic Design to move your customers to purchase, I will put every bit of my 15 years of experience to work for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ed Baker | Columbia, SC, USA | Rift3D.com