Short Film: The Centrifuge Brain Project

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 4.30.02 AM
High Altitude Conveyance (HAC) from The Centrifuge Brain Project

Gravity is a mistake.
We work hard to correct it.

Dr. Nick Laslowicz, Founder and CEO

Written/produced/directed by Till Nowak and starring Leslie Barany, The Centrifuge Brain Project is a great short film done in the style of a documentary.

In The Centrifuge Brain Project, the scientists are studying the effects of centrifugal force on the human brain and development, but they don’t take the typical lab based approach. Instead, they build extreme theme parks rides that bend the laws of physics, including a 14 hour High Altitude Conveyance (ferris wheel) that snakes into the sky like the fabled beanstalk climbed by Jack.

Straight face humor pervades this mockumentary that seamlessly combines CG elements composted with live footage. “Well, actually the first day (of the ferris wheel) wasn’t planned out very well…not realizing it was a 14 hour ride, some people fell asleep, missed their stops, and had another 14 hours…”

Check it out.

SPC Steam Pressure Catapult
Steam Pressure Catapult (SPC) from The Centrifuge Brain Project

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