New Version of Blender for Interior Design!

Blender for Interior Design
Blender for Interior Design

This version of Blender will change the Architectural Visualization game.

I just watched this amazing version of Blender by Andrew Peel. My jaw is still on the floor.

It is a mod that is aimed directly at Interior Design and Architectural Visualization. If Andrew decides to release this, it could be revolutionary. It looks to be that good!

Everything has been redone. There is a custom object library, intuitive “smart” object addition controls (similar in ways to Archimesh) and it all can be edited using the Blender modeling tools and of course rendered in Cycles.

Towards the end of the video though, Andrew states that he isn’t sure that people would be receptive to him releasing it. Andrew, you are too modest, you are going to blow a LOT of minds with this. So, once you have watched it, or just take my word for it, go and post in his comments section or hi Google+ page that you would like him to release it.

Well, don’t let me prattle on about it, just take a look for yourself.

Make sure you post in the comments of You Tube that you want it released!


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